Absolut Illusion

"Illusion is the First of All Pleasures" - Voltaire.

Wait. What?

With Absolut Illusion, we got playful. A limited edition bottle that inspired embracing the unexpected and to challenge perspectives in an innovative way.

At first glance it looked just like our classic Absolut Original bottle. On closer inspection some trickery was afoot.

Tilt it. Turn it. The Absolut Illusion label undergoes a playful transition where the liquid is used to magnify and mirror the logo, creating the illusion of the label floating in the Absolut Vodka inside the bottle. From some angles the logo seems to be moving around in the bottle of its own accord.

Real magic or just an illusion? And now for our next trick…




Global Limited Edition


Family Business


700ml, 750ml, 1L


Absolut Vodka Original

Bottles Produced:

775 000