Absolut Juice
Strawberry Edition

Made with Absolut Vodka, real strawberry juice and natural flavors

Inspired by the long warm days of the Swedish summer, Absolut Juice Strawberry Edition is made with Absolut Vodka (naturally), delicious fruit juice from sun-ripened strawberries and a little taste of vanilla to cool you down. And with only 99 calories per serving, you’ll get a drink with great taste that is also easy to make. Just add soda and ice for a true fruit sensation.

What does Absolut Juice Strawberry Edition taste like?

It is fresh and smooth in both the aroma and taste, with rich notes of sun-ripened strawberries and well-balanced sweetness.


Daniel, Sensory Manager, Absolut

Absolut Juice Strawberry, 35% ABV

Ingrediente: Apă, vodcă (distilat de cereale), zahăr, compus de căpșuni (apă, suc concentrat de căpșuni, stabilizator: gumă arabică și esteri glicerici ai colofoniului din lemn; Aromă naturală de căpșuni; Culoare: Antocianine, arome naturale și acid: acid citric), Acid: acid citric
Per 30 ml Per 100 ml
Energie (kJ/kcal) 281/68 938/226
Alcool (g) 8,3 27,6
Grăsimi (g) 0 0
  - din care saturate (g) 0 0
Carbohidrați (g) 2,4 8
  - din care zaharuri 2,4 8
Proteine (g) 0 0
Sare 0 0




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