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This experience is on hold due to gathering restrictions and will be available as soon as possible!

Buy 4 bottles of Absolut & keep the retail receipt
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The party pack
Minimum of 15 people
  • Bartender
  • Bar
  • Glassware
  • Printed cocktail menu
  • Ingredients and Ice
  • Absolut Playlist
  • Speaker
For more than 25 guests a special package will be tailored, our team will contact you Please add at leaset 15 guests
Minimum of 15 people
Boost your package
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  • DJ + Equipment
  • Sound System
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  • Photo Booth
  • Absolut Photowall
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Terms & Conditions


  • Alcohol license is mandatory as per the alcohol consumption laws in UAE
  • Parties hosted in Dubai emirate only
  • Bottles to be purchased
  • Cancellation policy: 48 hours minimum notice from the date of the event, 50% of the total amount will be recharged. 
  • Only Absolut cocktails will be poured by the Absolut bartender
  • Party guests will have the choice to choose between 3 Absolut signature cocktails
  • The host will be able to choose the 3 cocktails out of a list of 6 signature cocktails
  • Depending on your number of guests, the Absolut team may ask you to buy more Absolut bottles
  • Ingredients and ice will be brought depending on the number of confirmed paid guests before the party.
  • Forecast for alcohol, ingredients and ice are assumed based on standard requirement for 3 Absolut cocktails per guest
  • If additional (unplanned) guests join the party, only the available stocks will be used to service the guests as refill may not be possible during the same night
  • Bartender will stay till stock lasts or up to 5 hours from the agreed time of start of the party
  • Host is responsible to ensure all necessary permits / permissions have been taken from the local authorities as per the alcohol consumption laws of UAE
  • Host is responsible to alarm security and neighbor about the party and responsible if any fine is applied for noise or others
  • Host is responsible if any unforeseen events happen during the evening (objects stolen, people injured, police visits etc.)
  • Host is responsible to make sure his/her guests are not driving after the party under the influence of alcohol
  • Absolut playlist (explicit content) credentials will be active for one week. The host won’t be able to access the playlist anymore once the week is over.  


  • DJ will adapt his playlist based on the choices host will have chosen during the booking process
  • DJ will play for 4 hours from the agreed time of start of the party


  • A photobooth assistant will be present to assist guests using the booth (5 hours presence)
  • Guest will be able to send the picture via e-mail on the spot during the night. The full picture gallery will be available the day after the party
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