Absolut Mixt Guarana & Pineapple

Absolut Mixt Guarana & Pineapple

Guarana and Pineapple Flavor Sparkling Pre-Mixed Drink

Intense flavors of tropical fruits with tones of vanilla. Fresh and fruity sweetness with an underlying tone of caramel and an elegant bitterness to finish. Mic drop.

Absolut Mixt Guarana & Pineapple is a delicately sparkling, ready-mixed and easy to bring little bottle, perfect for those occasions when everything needs to be served without compromising on taste. A pre-mixed drink ready for parties on-the-fly.

What does Absolut Mixt Guarana & Pineapple taste like?

You really get the flavor of tropical fruits, and a more subtle taste of vanilla. It’s a nice journey going from the fruity and sweet and ending with that elegant bitterness.


Daniel, Sensory Manager, Absolut

Absolut Mixt Guarana & Pineapple, 5% ABV

Ingrédients: eau gazéifiée, vodka (distillat de céréales), sucre, acide : acide citrique, arômes naturels (inclut une couleur caramel), conservateur : benzoate de sodium, extrait de guarana
Pour 250 ml Pour 100 ml
Énergie (kJ/kcal) 553/132 221/53
Alcool (g) 9,9 3,9
Graisses (g) 0 0
  - dont acides gras saturés (g) 0 0
Glucides (g) 15 6
  - dont sucres 15 6
Protéines (g) 0 0
Sel 0 0




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