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No matter what the future holds, we want to make it more sustainable. Our next step is further reducing our impact.

There’s still some way to go, but with time, we think our bottles will help create future spirits worth sharing. So to support a more sustainable future, we are introducing our first-ever Absolut Paper Bottle prototype.

growing in the right direction

Growing in the right direction

Bottles don’t grow on trees. So our aim is to produce bottles from sustainably-sourced wood fiber. Think strong-and-sturdy paper, turning fresh pine into iconic containers.

We are taking steps to minimize our impact. Our prototypes are made of recyclable content, 57% paper and 43% plastic. This plastic makes up a thin layer within the bottle, which can be successfully recycled after use.

And until our bottles make the grade being fully bio-based, we want everyone to do their positive part by thinking of carbon-negative ways to improve our planet.

Onboard to create better, together
The truth is, we’re not really a spirits brand—we’re a social brand. Whether sharing cocktails, conversations, or collaborations, *THAT* is where ideas for a forward future happen. So that’s why we’re collaborating with the Carlsberg Group, The Coca-Cola Co., L’Oréal and Paboco—to create a more sustainable bottle and future.

Good goes around and around

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