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Absolut Invites The World To Celebrate Midsommar

At the height of Swedish summer, celebrating the most festive of Swedish holidays, Absolut brings the celebration of Midsommar to an international crowd on a contemporary level.

People from over 25 countries will gather this weekend at Ovesholms Castle in southern Sweden for an exclusive event. Midsommar by Absolut is a boutique festival celebrating the summer solstice, a very special occasion in Sweden called “Midsommar”. During three days and two nights, June 23-25, the festival will combine contemporary live music performances, good food, great drinks, art and activities. Absolut have taken this age-old Swedish tradition and filled it with new and exciting energy. Creating a modern, progressive take on this important Swedish celebration.

The program ranges from morning yoga to dance lessons, to singing “snapsvisor” (schnapps songs), to fortune tellers and a line-up of world class acts including Rüfüs, El Perro del Mar, Lindstrøm, A Club Called Rhonda, Zebra Katz, Flyte, Khuli Chana, Of the Meds, Angela Wand, Tod Louie & Solaris and many more.
There will, of course, be dancing around the maypole, but with a twist. The festival will feature choreographer Jerome Marchand, interpreting the classic Midsommar maypole dance. Guests are encouraged to create their own drink recipes at the Absolut Drinks Lab.
Midsommar by Absolut is set on the grounds of Ovesholm’s Slott – in Skåne near Kristanstad in southern Sweden. Ovesholm Slott is a 16th century estate owned by Countess Alexandra Hamilton and her father Count Raoul Hamilton and has been in the family since the 1800’s. The region Skåne is the home of Absolut. The festival is by invitation only.
For further information about the 2017 Midsommar by Absolut please contact:
Joanna Sundström
Part Projects
+46 733466662

Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.