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Absolut has launched a brand new naturally fruity flavor to add to its flavor range: Absolut Grapefruit. It is made with grapefruit and other natural flavors and has no added sugar. Absolut Grapefruit is sure to give you a taste of summer whatever the season, offering a fruity twist to the classic G&T.

Absolut Grapefruit has a truly fresh taste with a distinct note of pink grapefruit and a well-balanced natural sweetness. Made with grapefruit and other natural flavors and no added sugar, Absolut Grapefruit is a premium vodka that is perfect for those looking for something new, refreshing and free from artificial flavors.
Absolut Grapefruit is ideal for enjoying with friends in the relaxing moments as day turns into night, and is sure to bring a burst of jungle-infused summer with every sip. Add a dash of grapefruit to give you a taste of summer, whatever the season!

For a fruity twist on a G&T, we recommend a delicious Grapefruit and Tonic, simply add tonic to your Absolut Grapefruit and garnish with a grapefruit wedge. Whether you’re heading out early in the evening or getting ready for a night in with friends, make it a Grapefruit and Tonic!

If you’re celebrating or looking to enjoy something special, why not try the Swedish Paloma and add a splash of pink to the occasion!

Henrik Ellström, Global Brand Director Strategy & Innovation at Absolut, commented ‘We are so excited to be launching Absolut Grapefruit into our classic citrus flavor range, or as we like to call it, our Absolut Fruit Salad! We are proud to have been flavoring the vodka category since 1986 and have a long standing heritage creating high quality products with natural flavors and no added sugars. Grapefruit and Tonic made with our brand new Absolut Grapefruit is set to offer a simple, quality and naturally fruity twist on the classic G&T – and we can’t wait for you to try it!’

Absolut has a proud heritage of creativity and being a key driver in flavored vodka culture. After first launching the game-changing Absolut Peppar in 1986, revolutionizing the way bartenders made the Bloody Mary. Absolut then released Absolut Citron which inspired the creation of the hugely popular Cosmopolitan cocktail and continued the legacy of flavors.

To celebrate the launch of the latest flavor, Absolut invites you into a brand world inspired by the statement color pink and the lush exotic jungle where grapefruit grow. You can watch Absolut Grapefruit launch video on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9ptNgE9qHg

Absolut uses the highest quality natural ingredients to make its products. Its unique One Source production philosophy ensures superior quality vodka for Absolut flavors. Absolut take responsibility for the entire production from seed to bottle, to create a better world and a better vodka.

Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.