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Absolut Extrakt

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Celebrating Absolut’s Swedish heritage, Absolut launches Absolut Extrakt. Absolut Extrakt is a bold, yet delicious spirit drink combining vodka with a spiced warm flavour of green cardamom and other secret ingredients.

Apart from a unique taste profile, Absolut Extrakt offers a high level of quality and is not perceived as too sweet or with a harsh after taste. The alcohol by volume level is 35 % vol. and Absolut Extrakt is best enjoyed as a chilled shot. The bottle design is a modern tribute to the globally iconic bottle of Absolut, once inspired by an old medicinal bottle.

The shots moment is for many consumers a ritual and experience they like to share with their friends. They are looking for a product that can be consumed as a shot and at the same time is not perceived as too sweet or with a harsh after taste. Absolut Extrakt will offer a delicious and quality shot option while telling a story about Absolut’s Swedish roots. Swedes have been infusing alcohol with spices, herbs and plant extracts for hundreds of years. The spice infused spirit was most often drunk as a shot, or a “snaps” as Swedes would refer to it. Anna Malmhake, CEO of The Absolut Company says: “We are very excited to launch Absolut Extrakt, bringing a delicious, quality take on shots. As a Swedish brand, introducing a modern interpretation of the traditional Swedish snaps was a given when entering the shots category. We hope Absolut Extrakt will become part of many enjoyable shared moments”.

Absolut Extrakt is carefully crafted in Åhus, Sweden, where every drop of Absolut Vodka is made. Absolut Extrakt will be available in different countries. For information on price and availability, please contact your local retailer.

Enjoy Responsibly. Do not forward to anyone under legal drinking age.