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Absolut Makes A Powerful Statement About Equality… Without Saying A Word.

Absolut has created the most powerful advert of 2017 with a beautiful short film titled ‘Equal Love’. Set against the scintillating backdrop of a city night, the never-ending and diverse kiss becomes a metaphor for acceptance and love without discrimination. The kisses pay no attention to sexual preference, gender, colour, profession and instead become a testament to equal love. The film reflects Absolut’s belief that people should be free to love who they choose and builds on the brand’s progressive views and ongoing mission of championing equal love. Watch the film at: YouTube.com/Absolut.

Absolut are dedicated to the pursuit of a global acceptance of equal love. They have always had a longstanding relationship with the LGBTQ community and so will be celebrating this form of equality alongside Pride season which kicks off this month. This generation has been shown to hold attitudes that are 7% more socially tolerant attitudes than their parents. Despite their parents outdated ideas being on the decline, it’s clear that 7% isn’t enough of a change. Absolut are and have always been dedicated to creating impactful change. They began working with the LGBTQ community in 1981, long before it became the zeitgeist. This reflects their commitment to breaking down these attitudes and replacing them with messages of love and acceptance.

Shot with a diverse cast that was a dynamic mixture of street casting and professional actors, across multiple, interweaving locations, “Equal Love” was shot by Northern Irish director Aoife McArdle, whose forward-thinking approach and previous work done aligned perfectly with Absolut’s values.

“I love the process of casting, and this script provided an opportunity to work with a large, diverse and striking cast. Because of the message of the film, and
Absolut’s history of supporting LGBTQ and diversity in general in their marketing, this process was front and centre rather than a branding afterthought. Andy
Warhol has done work on Absolut, as have Keith Haring and Tom Ford. It’s great to work within this tradition, push boundaries and experiment on film,” says Aoife McArdle.

Absolut continues to push boundaries and the launch of this film gives a taste of what their upcoming platform ‘Create A Better Tomorrow, Tonight’ will offer. This progressive platform will continue to celebrate the brand’s core beliefs and
its continued collaborative approach.

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