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2017 Absolut Art Award

anne imhof and huey copeland 2017 absolut art award winners for art work and art writing venice 2017 courtesy absolut

Winners Of 2017 Absolut Art Award Announced Anne Imhof wins 2017 award for Art Work Huey Copeland wins 2017 award for Art Writing

Absolut is delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 Absolut Art Award. The 2017 prize for Art Work is awarded to Anne Imhof and the prize for Art Writing is awarded to Huey Copeland.

As the winning artist, Anne Imhof will receive a cash stipend of €20,000, complemented by a budget of €100,000 to produce and exhibit a new artwork or project. As the winning writer, Huey Copeland will receive a cash prize of €20,000, complemented by a budget of €25,000 for the development and publication of a new art publication, in collaboration with a leading publishing house. An award ceremony to honour the two winners will take place from 22 – 24 September 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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