Absolut Korea

Absolut Captures The Korean Spirit With New Limited Edition – Absolut Korea

Absolut is proud to launch its latest country edition - Absolut Korea, a coffee, almond and chili flavored limited edition capturing the essence of Korean traditions with a modern twist.

Created in collaboration with contemporary Korean artist, Heo Wook, the bottle design reflects a unique vision of Korea, transforming elements including traditional architecture, the Hangul alphabet and obang colours into a contemporary artistic presentation. Absolut Korea goes on sale from 1st April 2016. Absolut Korea reflects the vibrant and dynamic culture of Korea, where old meets new, taking inspiration from the structural features of traditional architecture. Heo Wook transformed the shapes into Korean letters from the Hangul alphabet, with each piece fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Each consonant and vowel is intricately combined to form the word Absolut.

The design uses the five symbolic Korean 'obang' colors blue, red, yellow, white and black. Yellow, the Korean symbol for 'center', 'bright' and 'hope', stands out prominantly, symbolizing the dynamic and bright future of Korea.
Absolut Korea follows the brand's celebrated tradition of releasing city and country limited editions which capture the essence of what makes each place so unique. Previous editions include Absolut India, Absolut Mexico, Absolut London, Absolut Los Angeles and Absolut Rio, among others.
"Absolut Korea pays homage to the intrinsic flare and historical heartbeat of what makes Korea so special. The design celebrates the country's past while reinterpreting it for the modern day", says Pia Hägglöf, Global Brand Manager, Absolut
With a flavor mixture that goes beyond exceptional, the taste of Absolut Korea is inspired by Korean Kimchi, a smooth and peppy blend of coffee, almond and chili flavor that starts with a hint of mild sweetness and finishes with spice. The selection of flavors provide a contrasting yet surprising and well-balanced blend of bittersweet and spiciness, - the authentic taste of Korea.
"The Absolut Korea flavor symbolizes the distinctive nature and characteristics of the Korean people; enthusiastic, passionate and dynamic. We have created a series of Absolut Korea signature cocktails, transforming traditional beverages and ingredients into contemporary mixes", says Florent Leroi, Marketing Director Pernod Ricard Korea.
The Absolut Korea limited edition features approximately 186,000 bottles and will be available in Korea and Travel Retail in Asia. RRP in Korea is 37,000 KRW.
To celebrate the launch, a special content series will be created and various events will be held around Korea. For information, please visit www.absolut.com and www.absolutloungeseoul.com.