Meet the Stars of House Ballroom

Few people outside of House Ballroom even know it exists, however, this underground movement might be the most raw form of self-expression on the streets.

Dressing up or putting on a costume not only changes the way you look, it can also have a powerful effect on your state of mind. A tuxedo can make anyone feel like James Bond, a long flowing dress arouses fantasies about princesses, even a new set of tennis shoes and a head- band can turn a person into Bjorn Borg.

For aficionados of a little known dance movement called House Ballroom, dressing up allows them to be themselves.

Existing largely within the LGBT community, although open to all, House Ballroom is a form of dance competition, where players dressed in unique outfits will vogue to capture the fancy of the judges. Beyond being a competition, it provides a stage for people to express themselves in a way that would be otherwise impossible in everyday life.

Status quo isn’t meant for everyone, so for many of these dancers, their House Ballroom per- sona is who they really are, and when they are on the dance floor, they feel completely themselves.

When Absolut launched the Transform Today campaign with its four crusaders, the goal was to encourage people to rethink what is possible by using the artists’ stories as inspiration for how to transform creative pursuits. However, creativity is not just about music, fashion, or the arts - it’s how you approach each day of your life. The dancers of House Ballroom are a perfect example of this. With few people even aware of what they are creating, these dancers are able to transform themselves and create new forms of expression – ones that define themselves. Location: Marquee, NYC.