One of our Favorite New Acts from Coachella

In the weeks leading up to Coachella, almost every music publication released articles on some variant of bands to watch out for at the festival. With so many acts performing, these lists are necessary to help figure out which band to check out at any given time. Figuring out what stage to be at when the headliners go on has its own challenges, but in the early afternoon, when many of the bands aren’t yet household names, deciding who to see can require a little help.

One band that popped up on number of these newcomer lists was the electronic influenced R&B outfit, Young & Sick. Behind the moniker stands Nick Van Hofwegen, a multi-talented artist, who first made a name for him self through cover art illustrations for Foster the People, Robin Thicke, and Maroon 5, as well as for designing a collection of clothing that was carried in Urban Outfitters.

Even though Young & Sick just released its first album two weeks before playing Coachella, the act had already generated a ton of buzz. When Van Hofwegen and his band hit the stage on Saturday, they proved they could live up to the hype.

At the same time, the songs manage to be fun and dancy, yet slightly dark, while maintaining truthfulness to them that crowd of twenty somethings could immediately relate to. Drawing influences from various genres, the music is tough to classify, feeling distinctly new, while hitting familiar notes that keep you dancing along.

Take a listen, and see for yourself, but we definitely agree with the music magazines - this is one to watch out for.