Absolut Nights presents #ElectrikLondon in 360° Video 

Navigate your way through our interactive video to explore Electrik London first-hand. Take in the transfixing wall to wall LEDs, hypnotic DJ holo-gauze and a virtual reality experience like no other - in full 360°.

#ElectrikLondon | Bankside Vaults | 19.11.2015 

360 degree Video Production by Sebastian Hagemeister, Mike Jones Production MLF, Andy Brown Account Director Protein, Diogo Lopes Producer Protein

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Absolut Nights presents #ElectrikLondon

On Thursday 19th November Absolut Nights launched in the UK with Electrik London. A collaboration with Marshmallow feast and R&S Records to explore the future of nightlife and the space between the virtual and physical using technology such as; 360 LED wall to wall visuals, Halo Gauze and Virtual Reality Oculus Rift. Thanks to Lone for the track ‘2 is 8’, released on R&S Records http://rsrecords.com/

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Electrik London – An exploration into the future of nightlife

On November 19, Absolut Nights touches down in London, presenting a game-changing exploration into the future of nightlife for one night only. Partnering with the legendary R&S Records, featuring a line up of Leon Vynehall, Space Dimension Controller, Lone and Moiré, and paired with mixed-reality specialists Marshmallow Laser Feast, Electrik London is set to deliver a truly transformative experience that uses the night as a creative canvas, re-imagining how audiences think, feel, and party during nights out — aided by award-winning music, game-changing tech and Absolut Electrik Limited Edition Bottle.


Art and technology

In an immersive meeting of art and technology, Absolut have collaborated with Marshmallow Laser Feast, to explore the space between the virtual and physical world by showcasing what the future of night could offer and prove how real and virtual worlds can be one of the same.

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