Inside the Studio

Pairing the artists’ keen interest in biology and science with the very collaborative nature of this project allows for several different types of expression… Nadim’s on going interest in bunker architecture and various kinds of typologies of war time shelters has fuelled the theme of the Art Bar Installation, aptly named Apocalypse Postponed. The use of rice, which appears in numerous forms, in the drinks as well as the installation - play on that in the event of a major catastrophe a bunker becomes a place of shelter as well as storage for non-perishable goods, such as rice. In addition to rice, Nadim’s fascination with rice weevils influences the thematics of installation on many levels – leaving a great deal to be explored.

Bar Concept & Art Direction: Nadim Abbas
Director & Video Editor: Stephy Chung
Cameraman: Robin Fall
Production Assistant: Jeff Chen
Colorist: Husain Amer
Animation: Wong Ping
Sound Scape: Steve Hui