What defines an Absolut Classic?

Pure. Iconic. Timeless.


An Absolut classic for every occasion

Absolut is an exceptionally versatile and pure vodka, making it the classic spirit of choice in so many cocktails, from the short to the long, the morning pick-me-up to the late night finale, there is an Absolut classic for every occasion.

With the pioneering creation of flavoured vodkas like Absolut Citron and Absolut Peppar, contemporary cocktail serves such as the Cosmo and the Bloody Mary became staples of the bar menu and favoured classics forever more.

The Serves

Classic cocktails carry with them a legacy and a tale to tell; captured moments from times gone by. Whether truth or rumour, we bring history to life, and life to history with every Absolut Classic serve.

Inspired by the past to transform today. The experimental and innovative spirit of Absolut inspires and champions evolution and transformation. Dynamic, exciting, and sometimes unexpected twists breathe an energetic and contemporary life back into every beloved classic cocktail. Proving, it’s never too late for change.

Absolut Bloody Mary

The hangover cure of an American celebrity? A final toast of a Parisian bar? Or a by-product of the popularity of canned tomato juice? Many dispute the origins of the Bloody Mary, but it is largely to bartender Fernand Petiot, of Harry’s Bar in Paris, in 1921.

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Absolut Caipiroska

As they say, nothing beats the taste of home. Well, almost nothing. Early 20th century Brazilian expatriates and travellers had to improvise when abroad, unable to get their hands on their prized sugar-cane liquor, cachaça. So, out comes the cachaça and in goes the vodka. The Caipiroska is born.

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Absolut Collins

Like most classics, the origin of the Collins is cloudy. Printed records date back to 1865, and legend has it that American mixologist Jerry Thomas had a whole Collins category in 1876. The origins of the name are slightly more clear, with many believing it stems from a barman at Limmer’s Hotel in London, called John Collins. Regardless, we use Absolut in our Collins and it’s a refreshing variation that proved an instant classic. 

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The Cosmopolitan

The facts behind this legend remain engagingly elusive: It’s never been decided if the birthplace is San Francisco, Miami or New York. Neither is it officially attributed to one bartender; Cheryl Cook, Toby Cecchini and Dale DeGroff all claim to have a hand in its realisation.

One thing is for certain though. In 1988, Absolut Citron exploded onto the scene and all three made it their ‘Cosmo’ vodka of choice.

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Absolut Espresso Martini

One of London’s greatest cocktail creation stories takes place in 1984, at Fred’s Place. The bartender was Dick Bradsell, the godfather of London’s cocktail renaissance; and the drink was the Espresso Martini. When first served it in a medical cup at the famous Damien Hurst establishment, it was dubbed the Pharmaceutical Stimulant.

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Absolut Raspberri Martini

In 1995, after a trip to experience the bar culture of New York City with other top Absolut bartenders, Dick Bradsell was inspired. He tasted the Black Martini (Absolut and Chambard), and brought the concept back to London. He swapped the flavoured liqueur for sweetened fresh fruit, and our contemporary classic was born.

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Absolut Lemon Drop

The combination of citrus juice and spirits can be traced back to British sailors returning from India in the late 1500’s. The late twentieth century saw all sorts of variations explored in order to find the perfect citrus balance for cocktails. But this search was called off in the 90’s with the arrival and introduction of Absolut Citron.

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Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a cocktail with a classic case of mistaken identity. Many assume it was concocted in Russia, however it was actually created by John G Martin and Jack Morgan at the Chatham Hotel, in New York’s ‘Little Moscow’ when, in 1941, the first carload of Jack Morgan’s legendary Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer arrived from the West Coast.

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Absolut On The Beach

In the Spring of 1987, a distributor in Florida devised an incentive scheme to reward the bar with the most sales of peach schnapps. Ted, the bartender at Confetti’s Bar, mixed up a cocktail of peach schnapps, Absolut vodka, orange juice and grenadine. It was made instantly famous when, asked for the name, Ted shouted “The Sex on the Beach!”; two reasons he believed people came to Florida for Spring break.

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Absolut Sea Breeze

Originally made in 1952 without grapefruit and called the Salty Dog, the classic trio of tastes we know today as the Sea Breeze finally met sometime in the 1970’s. A decade of widespread popularity followed before the innovative introduction of branded Absolut jugs in the 90’s which allowed this well-loved cocktail to be enjoyed by the pitcher.

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Absolut Tonik

Without a doubt, the simplest and most refreshing of the classics. Using a vodka of exceptional quality and purity is integral, or else all those impurities will shine through with the glow of the quinine under ultra violet light. Naturally, Absolut is the vodka of choice then.

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Absolut White Russian

The White Russian, the most famous Russian cocktail not to come from Russia, gained its iconic status after first appearing in California’s Oakland Tribune. More recently, The Dude, protagonist of the cult classic film The Big Lebowski enjoyed it as his signature drink, referring to it as a “Caucasian.”

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