Some things just go together. Sonny and Cher. Black ties and white shirts. Summertime and Sea Breezes.

The drink, not the off-shore wind, for all you nature lovers out there. Two parts silky smooth Absolut Vodka. Three parts tangtastic grapefruit juice. One part tart... cranberry juice. Lime garnish to top it all off.

What could be more refreshing? Maybe an actual off-shore wind. But short of that, an Absolut Sea Breeze cocktail is about as good as it gets.

When the temperatures rise into the 90’s, the shorts get shorter, the legs come out and the skin gets tan(ner), make sure you’re not left lounging without a Sea Breeze in hand. After all, no person should ever be left sweating without a sweating glass nearby.

It’s as though the Sea Breeze was designed to be enjoyed in the heat; its color perfectly complements cool ocean blues and warm yellows. But fret not, it is in no way a seasonal drink. The Sea Breeze also carries within its rosy colored bliss the power to transport you, perhaps the quickest way to escape the grim chill of the winter and return to the soothing warmth of the summer sun.

The time of the Sea Breeze has arrived.

Don’t miss out.

Text: Toby Nathan Photo: Fredrik Skogqvist