How much is your nose worth?

Per Hermansson may look like a pretty regular middle aged Swede, but he has one feature that has earned him a remarkable nickname: he’s the guy with ‘the billion dollar nose’. Per has a heightened sense of smell and taste; skills which he’s put to good use during his 35 years as a sensory expert. And skills which vodka lovers all over the world will have unwittingly benefited from - Per is the Director of Sensory Design at Absolut.

It’s with thanks to experts such as Per that every single bottle of Absolut tastes the same. This is because, unlike other vodkas, we only ever use one distillery and one water source. That’s our ‘One Source’ ethos. 

When it comes to assessing a vodka, all the senses are equally important: look, taste, smell and even sound play their part. Watch Per discuss the intense precision and detail that goes into creating Absolut now: