More than a Cocktail: The Martini

The Vodka Martini. International symbol of classic cool. Go-to drink choice for Bond. Bogart. Roosevelt. In an era where drinks can sometimes be overcomplicated and under-considered, pressed and pitted, colored and candied, there’s still only one delineation that truly matters: shaken or stirred?

But how did a drink rooted in simplicity earn its reputation as the ultimate status symbol in the loose-lipped world of libations? The same way anything becomes more than the mere sum of its parts: it stands for something greater.

Taste. Refinement. Class. The list goes on and on.

It’s been described by those who merit quoting as ‘the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet,’ and ‘the elixir of quietude,’ but in reality, it’s simpler than that. It’s simply the perfect cocktail.

Refreshing on balmy summer evenings. Warming on brisk winter nights. Never out of style. And Absolut Elyx perfectly aligns. Manually distilled in a 1921 copper rectification still known as Column 51, Elyx makes any vodka martini silky smooth, just the way God, or whomever invented the divine concoction, intended it.

Whether you’re trying to impress a client, a girl, a boy, or a boss, with an Absolut Elyx Martini in hand, there’s no going wrong. It’s the well-tailored black suit of cocktails. Looks good on everyone. Appropriate for every occasion.

And like a fine wine or Paul Newman, it only gets better with age. So next time you find yourself ordering a drink, remember what generations of those gentlemen and ladies seemed to know before you: when in doubt, keep it simple. ‘I’ll have an Absolut Elyx Martini, please.’

Text: Toby Nathan Photo: Fredrik Skogqvist