Absolut Elyx is in love with a new girl and wants the world to know it. Coinciding with New York Fashion Week, downtown neighborhoods like Soho and the LES have been flooded with posters announcing the brand’s latest muse.

After the incredible Chloë Sevigny posed in front of Johan Lindeberg’s camera for the first Absolut Elyx campaign, chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg is the latest woman chosen to embody its spirit.

Fans of Gainsbourg will recognize why she was the obvious choice – like Absolut Elyx, she is also unique, radiant, individual, award-winning, stylish, and with parents like Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, she’s also of a legendary lineage.

The posters are all over, so if you see one – snap a shot on Instagram, mention us @Absolut_Elyx, and let us know where you saw it. There is no prize or anything, but the posters are so cool, we’d love to see where they all are.