He/ She/ They Said “Yes”

To celebrate marriage becoming an institution for everybody in love, here are the most tear-jerking proposals that are bound to bring out the romantic in everybody.

Whether you’re gay or straight, now everyone can get married to that special someone in their life. Keeping the romance in tact, we’re celebrating the most incredible, show-stopping proposals that have become YouTube sensations.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Since it was uploaded to YouTube in 2012, this video of the world’s first live lip-dub proposal has been viewed almost 30 million times – and with good reason. 60 friends and family members took part in this amazing choreographed dance, whose highlights include a marching band and Skype calls! 

Luvabull Proposal 

Bruno Mars’ Marry You comes to the fore again here when A-grade boyfriend, Shane springs a surprise on his girlfriend and member of the Chicago Bulls’ Luvabulls cheerleading squad, Ariana while performing one of their routines. He shoots, he scores!

#LoveIsLove proposal

Well, we had to mention this one. Absolut championed the expression of love of one couple by completely transforming their once-in-a-lifetime event in unexpected ways. To support Paige's surprise proposal to Amanda, we took them back to the beach where they had their first date, where a series of clues leads to a proposal of a lifetime...

Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Hardware stores hardly scream excitement, and you certainly don’t expect to leave with a ring on your finger after visiting one. But for one lucky guy, this is exactly what happened. 

Kylie Minogue Concert Proposal 

If you aren’t already, this video will make you wish you were a camp, fabulous and soon to be betrothed man. You should be so lucky…

In Descent Proposal

They say love is full of ups and downs – something that is perfectly captured in this airborne proposal. Carlie’s reactions, which range from excitement to fear, relief to joy, are all caught on a secret camera which pilot and fiancé, Ryan set up on the sly. This guy is one crafty, albeit awfully romantic, devil.