The Patron of the Art Fan

Making it as an artist is just about as hard as becoming a rock star, except with way fewer fans screaming in adoration. While success looks very different, the process of slowly building up supporters is very similar. So just as emerging bands will try to get into as many shows and festivals as possible, so do painters. To get their names out there, artists and the galleries that represent them promote the work tirelessly, explaining the concepts behind the expressions, and trying to develop the interest of anyone intrigued by the work. As a way to bring more attention to local art com- munities and attract potential art-buyers beyond the core group of collectors, each year Jugada a 3 Bandas Festival stages a six week marathon of parties and openings, encouraging all types of art fans to join and learn about all the emerging talent across Barcelona and Madrid. As a longtime patron of artists, Absolut worked with Jugada a 3 Bandas Festival to not only increase public interest by promoting the festival, but also to look closely at artists who resonated with the Absolut’s belief in the transform- ative power of art.

One artist in particular presented a unique way of collaborating with attendees, creating an opportunity for inter- action that dictated his outcome without compromising the original intent. Like every artist, Nacho Martin Silva started with blank walls, however, not a single line had been drawn even as his show, La Poética Del Fragmento, opened.

With a computer installed in the gallery, Silva allowed attendees to contribute to the piece by printing images from a computer and affixing them to the gallery walls in a dissonant collage. Only after the public had chosen images that meant something to them did the painter pull out his brushes and canvas, recreating each printout in his unique style within the gallery itself.

The exhibition, which started as an empty room with a computer, dynamically transformed as audience members made their contribution, creating an input from which the artist worked. It was a true collaboration. Absolut loved the work so much that it purchased two of the paintings for their own collection. Continuing the classic tradition of an artist patron, Absolut has also helped Silva promote the rest of his work. Check out the video below to hear Silva explain his work himself.

Paula Alonso

Jugada a 3 bandas 2013 - Paula Alonso

Sofía de Juan

Jugada a 3 bandas 2013 © Sofía de Juan hablarenarte