The Museum of the Diagonal Man – Renata Lucas

Renata Lucas´s 2013 Absolut Art Award winning project, The Museum of the Diagonal Man, opened to the public early September 2014.

Lucas presented a series of site-specific architectural installations and interventions throughout the Pier Maná area of Rio de Janeiro. The artist draws on the rich socio-economic history of the neighbourhood and focused on a part of the city that is currently undergoing rapid redevelopment.

Each of these ambitious interventions is on view to the public, without charge. The series of temporary installations creates a literal and metaphorical diagonal pathway through the urban landscape, where the artist invites the visitor to enter into buildings and areas they have not previously visited.

Lucas has cut through physical walls and doors, created passageways through existing buildings and fused the outside environment to the interior. She even installed a popcorn seller with cart next to a temporary pavilion, so that the popcorn popped and poured into the building through an incision in the glass wall.

Further interventions recall historical elements of newly-renovated buildings, including the new Museu de Arte do Rio, and the area´s former bus station Mariano Procópio. Other installations bring hidden or underground elements of Rio de Janeiro's daily life into focus, including street pickers or ‘camelo’, and vinyl record sellers, which are displaced with the development of the area’s architectural and human landscape.