Obsessed With Creative Drones

Drones are infiltrating art and entertainment – in fact, these flying machines are hovering their way onto center stage. 

From filming porn to painting graffiti and receiving a standing ovation for their musical abilities, drones are slowly becoming experts in domains which once belonged solely to humans.  

Concerning? Maybe. Impressive? Absolutely. So, let’s sit back and admire their best works of art to date… 


What it is: Watch 10 dressed-up drones move to the beat in this live dance performance between man and machine. Brought to you by the creators of Cirque de Soleil, who choreographed the robots using a sophisticated motion capture system. 

The art of KATSU 

What it is: Grafitti Artist, Katsu, used drones with attached spray cans to paint a collection of photos entitled ‘Marilyn’ – a tribute to Andy Warhol’s infamous piece. His exhibition, Katsu: Remembering the Future at The Hole, NYC also included a swarm of motionless, hanging ceramic drones. Creepy, yet cool. 

Copyright: The Hole, NYC

Drone Boning (NSFW)

What it is: Porn has never been famed for its tasteful, artistically shot footage… until now. The first ever drone-shot porn movie captures scenic landscapes, blue seas, and plenty of foliage (but not in the ‘80s style lady-garden sense). Well, that’s one way to sow your wild oats…

Transmissions from the Drone Orchestra 

Thanks to musician John Cale, drones have taken live music to new, futuristic heights. During the Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition, ethereal-looking objects hovered around the stadium, echoing Cale’s voice and adding a new dimension to the orchestra experience.