From Åhus Wheat to Berlin Concrete

Have you ever wondered what the space in between a green field full of winter wheat and gray concrete architecture would taste like?

Well, that’s exactly what artist and designer Clemens Behr has aimed to explore with his new Absolut Art Bar at Berliner Liste, Kraftwerk called Noasis, which represents the place between order and chaos.

Taking its inspiration from the new limited edition bottle by Absolut, Noasis reflects the contrast between One Source – the lush, pristine winter wheat fields surrounding the village of Åhus in southern Sweden, where every drop of Absolut Vodka is made – and the cities where it is consumed. Conveying a combination of non-oasis and oasis.

Behr’s vision of an architecturally deconstructed space that sits between natural and urban environments, was also inspired by cities such Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where the cities literally emerge from the greenery, creating a link between the natural and urban environments, and offering visitors the perfect ‘non-oasis’ to relax and revitalize at Berliner Liste.

Behr also worked with an Absolut mixologist to develop ‘Absolut Noasis,’ his Artist Cocktail inspired by the theme of his Art Bar including ‘Basil-Ginger-Lemonade’ and featured a range of other tropical and concrete themed Absolut drinks.

Taking place between the 15th–17th September, Noasis was open during the international art fair. See the images below.