On The Streets of New Orleans

With the annual Jazz fest in New Orleans just around the corner, it’s time to get up to speed on all the go-to places for culture, live music, eating and, of course, bars. 

Welcome to the birthplace of jazz, gumbo and Lil Wayne. The city is known for its impeccable jazz and gastronomic temptation, and these are the places that can’t be missed – whether you’re a tourist or a local. 


The only way to start the day.

 Maurepas Foods (3200 Burgundy Street)

Have ya’ll been hankerin’ for some cornbread French toast? A big ol’ bite of carrot omelette? If the answer is ‘heck yes’, head on down to Maurepas Foods and explore its farm-focused, weekend brunch menu (honestly, it’s the bomb).

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The Country Club (634 Louisa Street)

Cool off, eat up and get giddy at this historic Italianate Raised Center Hall Cottage, which boasts a pool, fresh food, fancy bar and more. Located in the Bywater area, it’s a calm oasis – minus any eye-watering prices.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House (2401 Saint Ann Street) 

This is where the locals come when they want the best, fried chicken in town. Honest to Gawd, it’s the definition of finger lickin’ good. To top it off, you won’t need to spend more than $10 per visit.

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Arrow Café (628 N Rampart St)

Forget giant chains. Instead, get your caffeine fix at this charming café, which has vintage surroundings and friendly staff (especially Jane, the owner). The coffee shop is conveniently located just outside the French Quarter. 

District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew. (2209 Magazine St)

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but let’s go into more detail anyways: here, you can indulge in glazed carb treats, freshly prepared cheeseburgers, and artisan-made coffee. Prepare for a slam-dunk.


You’ll be a bona fide art critic before you know it.

Contemporary Arts Center (900 Camp Street) 

Since 1976, the center has been the star of the Warehouse Arts District, and is a lively hub of bold experiments in painting, theatre, music, dance, photography, and tons more – all celebrating ‘the art of now’.

 The Ogden Museum of Southern Art (925 Camp Street)

Don’t be a philistine; broaden your cultural horizons, already! Here, the visual arts and culture of the American South all come to life through a variety of events, collections, and 

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Bring a little Southern design home with you. 

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Exodus Goods (518 Conti Street)

Owned by four famous friends – photographer Armina Mussa, designers Darlene and Lizzy Okpo, and singer / sister-of-Beyoncé, Solange Knowles – this boutique offers a unique range of lifestyle goods including clothing by local designers. 

Refresh Style (223 North Peters Street) 

Focused solely on menswear, it has been recommended by Armina Mussa – owner of Exodus Goods and business partner of Solange Knowles – for the latest trends. Wonder if Jay Z and Alan Ferguson both shop here…

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Enjoy Southern food in the city’s most authentic spots. 

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Galatoires (209 Bourbon Street)

Not only is it one of New Orleans’ oldest restaurants – it’s also one of the best. Founded by a French immigrant in 1905, Galatoires boasts a 19th century look and can be found in in the city’s French quarter (naturellement).

Café Du Monde (800 Decatur Street)

These guys are pros when it comes to making the mighty Beignet. Haven’t heard of this New Orleans speciality? Let us paint you a picture; imagine a square piece of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar. Basically, a turbo-doughnut.

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Gumbo Shop (630 Saint Peter Street)

Barack Obama has dined here, and if it’s good enough for a President, then it’s certainly good enough for the rest of us lowly earth-dwellers. This award-winning restaurant serves seafood, okra and chicken-andouille versions of the indigenous dish. 


With so much happening in the French Quarter, you’ll want to stay somewhere that’s walking distance.

Soniat House  (1133 Chartres St) 

If you’re into boutique hotels, Soniat House certainly won’t disappoint. With 31 rooms, a unique design and a super cosy feeling, this hotel is a mighty fine choice and provides a taste of traditional Southern living.


You can’t leave the city without getting your groove on to some Jazz tunes or sipping on some Sazerac.

Maple Leaf Bar (8316 Oak St)

One of the longest continuing operations of New Orleans’ music clubs, Maple Leaf Bar has live performances seven nights a week. Many old-time musicians have featured, including numerous members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. 

Cure (4905 Freret St) 

Screw being an Inbetweener; party with the in-crowd at Cure, which is packed with trendy, good-looking types. These folk take a sophisticated approach to drinking cocktails. We recommend trying the Mexican Bus Ride.

The Carousel (214 Royal St)

If you’re going round in circles in a bid to find somewhere iconic, aim for this hotspot, which famously has a revolving bar and lengthy cocktail list to boot. Your head will be spinning after a couple of Sazeracs (aka ‘Sazzies’).