Easter Egg: Lost In Translation

While some tuck into the chocolate form of Easter Eggs, at Absolut we're on the hunt for the musical Easter Egg: Hidden tracks. 

Here’s our favourite hidden tracks from twelve great albums – proverbial cherries atop a musical cake, if you will.

1. The Beatles: Her Majesty 

Album: Abbey Road

Where to find it: After a short silence at the end of the album, although it’s a separate track on CD issues.   

Listen here.

Copyright: Apple (Parlophone)/EMI, Ian Macmillan
URL: http://thebeatles.com/album/abbey-road

2. U2: October 

Album: The Best of 1980-1990

Where to find it: A couple of minutes after the track “All I Want Is You”. 

Listen here.

Copyright: Dirty Hit



3. The 1975: Milk

Album: Sex

Where to find it: After the album’s last track, “You”.

Listen here.

4. Of Monsters And Men: Sinking Man

Album: My Head Is An Animal

Where to find it: Their last song, “Yellow Light” ends at 4:52. “Sinking Man” plays at 13:04. 

Listen here.

Copyright: Of Monster And Men: Sinking Man/Universal Records 


Copyright: XVIII Records

5. La Secte du Futur: Nothing Ends

Album: La Secte du Futur

Where to find it: With Track 12 "My Heart Is Passing Out" being only 1:46 in length, "Nothing Ends" plays after

Listen here.

6. Scouting For Girls: Michaela Strachan

Album: Scouting For Girls 

Where to find it: Where to find it: At 3:47 of the track "James Bond".

Listen here.

Copyright: Epic Records

7. Eels: Mr E's Beautiful Blues

Album: Daisies of the Galaxy 

Where to find it: This popular song plays at the end of the album...

Listen here.

Copyright: Dreamworks


Copyright: Epic Records


8. The Clash: Train In Vain 

Album: London Calling 

Where to find it: This song is said to have been 'originally unlisted', but is no longer a hidden track.

Listen here.

9. Dirty Projectors: Untitled Track 

Album: Rise Above

Where to find it: It's 11th song and the last to play on the albu 

Listen here.

Copyright: Dead Oceans 


Copyright: Rough Trade Records 


10. Palma Violets: Brand New Song

Album: 180

Where to find it: This track is snuck in behind "14", the album's 11th track.

Listen here.

11. Alt-J: Handmade 

Album: An Awesome Wave

Where to find it: Their last song "Taro" contains the hidden track after it finishes.

Listen here.

Copyright: Infectious Music, European Space Agency


Copyright: Rough Trade Records

12. The Libertines: France Album

Album: The Libertines

Where to find it: At 3:28 of the final song on the album "What Became of the Likely Lads".

Listen here.