Absolut Buenos Aires: Cocktail City

The new bottle design that's inspired by a city that's as unique as its people.

If you’ve ever been to Buenos Aires, chances are you’ve been to the Obelisk. It’s adored throughout the city, by both the porteños - the name for the city’s inhabitants - and tourists alike. Inspired by this most memorable of monuments, we’ve collaborated with artist, architect and teacher, Gaspar Libedinsky, and famed Argentine illustrator, Augusto Costhanzo. Together they have helped us create one of the most beautiful and artistic Limited Edition bottles in our history.

Our design mantra was simple: capture the magic of the monument and encapsulate what it means to be in the heart of Buenos Aires. Papier-mâché was used to sculpt the monuments likeness and that of its surrounding buildings down to the tiniest details. We then recreated the cityscape in gorgeous color for the final bottle design. 

And now it’s finished; our very own tribute to this cultural icon. It’s a celebration of Buenos Aires and everything that has ever occurred at the feet of this incredible structure. So, if you happen to find yourself over there, don’t forget to pick up a bottle and keep those memories of your Argentinian #AbsolutNights alive.