Find out why using copper in a unique way is the luxurious key behind the making of Absolut Elyx. 

Copper has been storming its way back into fashion over the last few years - and now cocktails can benefit from this versatile metal as well, thanks to our luxuriously silky single-estate vodka, Absolut Elyx.

While many distilleries go for aluminium or iron in the manufacturing process, Absolut Elyx takes things back to the traditional way of making our signature drink - by using a vintage copper column that dates back to 1921. 

Distilling our vodka using this traditional copper method further enhances that clean, pure Absolut vodka taste. 

The more contact between spirit and copper, the purer the taste and better the flavor of the vodka. To maximise this quality in flavor, we additionally use thousands of sacrificial copper packets immersed in the copper column still.   

The copper vintage still is operated entirely by hand - every single steam pump and temperature gauge and tap is manual. Which is why Absolut Elyx is carefully created as a small batch vodka. 

Our ode to copper doesn’t end with what’s inside the bottle. You’ll find copper touches feature on Absolut Elyx’s design and copper pineapples to serve the silky smooth drink in too. 

For Absolut Elyx copper is no mere trend. It’s essential and here to stay.