Nights by Absolut: Berlin

As a mecca for electronic music and late-late dance parties, it was obvious that Berlin would be one of the stops on the Absolut Nights launch tour.

The mission of Absolut Nights is to inspire people to see how creativity can elevate a night out. When coming to Berlin, this quest posed one problem: this is a city already known for an incredible creativity in nightlife. In a place already filled with one-of-a-kind nightlife hotspots, how can we create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will catch peoples’ attention.

The answer: put the people at the heart of it.

Collaborating with insanely talented technology/fashion designers Studio XO, Absolut created an experience that transformed the partiers into the lightshow through bespoke outfits embedded with lasers that beamed, and mirrors that reflected.

As if that wasn’t enough, we thought we’d add another twist. The legendary Kraftwerk nightclub is a testament to the ingenuity of Berlin nightlife - it is a former power plant that has been converted into a cavernous church of music and dance. Taking this transformation a step further, we added in the element of nature, creating a forest among this raw concrete labyrinth.

When morning came, and the DJ’s last beats trickled out of the speakers, Berlin had seen something quite familiar: something completely new.