Absolut Art Ambassador: Finding "Paradiso"

A feast like no other inspires and
transports New York City

Sometimes dinner and drinks can be more than just dinner and drinks. It can be a performance, a feast for the eyes, even a ceremony. The ritual has infinite possibilities to inspire, scandalize, comfort and transport. To have a dining experience more decadent and stimulating than ever before takes artistry and daring.

Thanks to our Art Ambassador Alban de Pury, Absolut Elyx had the pleasure of being involved in such an event.  With the rich associations of Renaissance banquets in mind, Performa took over the recently restored Williamsburg Savings Bank for its annual celebration dinner and broke all the rules.

Sponsored by Absolut Elyx, the evening featured Jennifer Rubell’s “Fecunditas”, a food performance honoring a selection of New York’s most influential female artists.

Waiters in outlandish costumes slid fresh oranges, ice blocks, and bottles of Absolut Elyx across each table, which guests then assembled in their glasses. The classic cocktail experience turned into a high stakes performance with flair.

The incredible dinner was capped with “Sweet Destruction,” the dessert finale of Jennifer Rubell’s food performance. All nights should end with a dessert course, but this evening included a special twist. With hammers, guests ripped apart their tables to reveal an array of desserts tucked within.

The gala event continued into the night with a DJ set from New York’s newest icon, Devonté Hynes, as well as musicians Arp, Empress Of, and the debut performance of Raphaelle Condo.

It was a night of passion and an outstanding experience for this gathering of New York City’s creative elite, a perfect home for Absolut Elyx.