It’s the season of fashion weeks (when is it not?) and Absolut Edit headed to New York for mens autumn/winter 2014 market and caught up with Schnayderman´s at MAN New York

The men’s shirting collection was founded in Stockholm in 2011, and launched in America with Opening Ceremonyand Steven Alan in 2013. The brand set out to re-establish handcrafted, well-designed shirts with a modern cut and expertly chosen fabrics that define the all-purpose way men dress now.

Founded by a small group of shirt lovers, the team spent over a year sourcing weavers in Italy and Japan, the best mother-of-pearl buttons and even a factory that hand-makes the shirt boxes.The process of coming up with the right fit was equally ardent.

 “We basically nerded out,”


says Joel Urwitz, one of the founders. “Hundreds of samples and patterns to get the fit right. Like a lot of men I know, I wear a shirt every day and the goal was to create a shirt we wanted but could not find.”

Others that stood out at MAN this season included DDUGOFF, who had its premiere showing at MAN. Created by Daniel DuGoff with a past from Patrik Ervell and Marc by Marc Jacobs, the collection’s “unbasic basics” takes essentials like t-shirts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts and make them special using fine fabrics and bold patterns.

Southern Field Industries is a husband and wife team from the hills in the Saitama region of Japan. They produce handmade canvas products, taking time to give generous attention to every detail.

Special Delivery is a New York-based underwear line made of super-fine cottons from North Carolina. The attention to detail and the uncompromising view on using the best materials have resulted in an understated luxury that feels amazing on the skin.

Swedish life-style brand Our Legacy also had a strong collection, with lots of bold prints in rich, luxurious materials.

Known for updating classic American styles with new technical materials, Nanamica has successfully recreated the “Take Ivy” style popularized in the 1960’s by Teruyoshi Hayashida’s now classic photographs from American Ivy League colleges.

Founded in 2007, Bérangère Claire continues to present a collection of classic basics. All Bérangère Claire designs are manufactured in France in limited numbers.

Inspired by late 19th century Americana, Danish For Holding Up The Trousers offer belts and suspenders handmade from quality materials.

After the presentation Schnayderman’s and Absolut hosted an intimate dinner at Maison O. Guests like Frederic Dechnik, Cacho Falcon, Magnus Berger, Christina Wayne, Maciek Kobielski, Siggi Hilmarsson, Neige Guitoun, Pablo Ravazzani, Stefan Wiklund, Joel Urwitz, Fredrik Carlström and Alban De Pury, weathered the bitter New York winter and joined Travis Bass at Kenmare street for Asian fare and Absolut cocktails.

Later, Below Maison O, the newly re-done watering hole of New York’s fashion it-crowd opened its doors and the night ended with dancing and two specially made Absolut cocktails.

Text: Fredrik Carlström Photo: Koji Ishibashi