Night Court: an Art Bar by Ry Rocklen

Night Court: an Art Bar by Ry Rocklen

Art Basel in Miami, December 2013

Absolut Art Bar joins the favorite winter meeting place for the international art world. With miles of sandy beaches dotted with classic Art Deco architecture, world-class art museums, and a glittering nightlife, Miami Beach ranks among America's most iconic cities. During Art Basel, it embraces the artworld with special exhibitions at museums and galleries across the city, transforming the week into a dense and dynamic cultural event. Over 250 of the world's leading galleries participate, drawing over 50,000 visitors each year. Browse through our great moments from day one in Art Basel Miami Beach (5-8 December 2013).

During this year's edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach Los Angeles-based artist Ry Rocklen will create an art bar installation on Oceanfront, Miami Beach. Rocklen has been given carte blanche to program every element of the ambitious installation, from concept and design, to programming and collaborations with international recording artists.

Night Court will draw from Rocklen's recently unveiled line of fully functional furniture made entirely of trophy parts, entitled 'Trophy Modern'. Using the principles and aesthetics of Trophy Modern at the heart of Night Court's design, Rocklen will examine the culture of competition and success. The installation will feature Trophy Modern furnishings including a bar, bleachers, ping pong and chess tables all set within larger-than- life size basketball court markings. So, Night Court is at once a bar, a performance venue, a sports arena and a showroom for Rocklen's new line of furniture, 'Trophy Modern'.

Night Court is the latest and most ambitious incarnation of a project that began in 2011 when Rocklen came across a haul of second-hand sports trophies for sale in a thrift store. Rocklen spends a lot of time in junk shops and flea markets, trawling for those objects that were once cherished but which are now almost at the end of their lives. In the purgatory of the second-hand store, these ex-possessions have one last chance to be valued again.

Meet Night Court Art Bar installation by Ry Rocklen and Absolut.

3D renditions by: Ry Rocklen Photo by: Alexa Karolinski

The cocktail collection by Ry Rocklen and Absolut

In addition to building a bar and various other structures for the installation, Rocklen paired up with mixologist Andres Basile Leon to create bespoke cocktails that complemented the sports theme of the artwork. The result was a group of cocktails that could be appreciated by both the aficionado and the average person.

And one
  • Absolut vodka
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Sugar syrup
  • Fresh blueberry purée
  • Fresh ginger juice
Blood of a champion
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Tomato juice
  • 8 drops of Worcester sauce
  • 2 drops of Tabasco
  • Pinch of celery salt
  • Pinch of black pepper
  • Small pinch of regular salt
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Fresh Lemon juice
  • Fresh Orange juice
  • Fresh Grapejuice
  • Sugar syrup
  • Guarana powder
  • 3 drops of caramel coloring (Blue, Red or Green)
The Winning Spirit
  • Absolut on the Rocks

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