Absolut at Art Basel Miami Beach


The Night Court cocktail collection
by Ry Rocklen

Tonight at Art Basel Miami Beach, Night Court — the pop-up bar meets performance venue meets sports arena — opens for the festival’s official VIP preview. In addition to an incredible set of sculptures built by artist Ry Rocklen for the event, the artist expanded his repertoire to include a series of cocktail created to accompany the installation. If you won’t have the chance to check it out yourself this week, here are the recipes to try them at home. 

From the left:

The Winning Spirit
40 ml Absolut on the Rocks 

And One
(Combo cocktail, one lowball cocktail and one shot)

Lowball cocktail 
40 ml Absolut Vodka
20 ml fresh Lemon juice 
25 ml Sugar syrup
20 ml fresh Blueberry Pureé  (6 pieces of blueberries)
5 ml fresh Ginger Juice 

Shake all the ingredients and strain over cube ice into a lowball glass.

20 ml Home made Vanilla infused Absolut Vodka 

Add 1 piece of fresh Vanilla pod and 50 ml of Simple Syrup to 1 liter of Absolut. Set aside to macerate for a 3 hours and place in the freezer. Serve ice cold.

40 ml Absolut Vodka
20 ml fresh Lemon juice
30 ml fresh Orange juice
40 ml fresh Grapejuice
30 ml Sugar syrup 
3 ml Guarana powder
3 drops Caramell coloring (Blue, Red or Green)  

Pour all the ingredients over ice into a plastic sports bottle.

Go mix!

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