The Unexpected Library of Fashion

Developing a personal style is not only about being able to have an eye for how to create incredible outfits, but also knowing where to get the clothes that no one else will have. Part of the allure of fashion is being able to find something that few others in the world even know about.

Exclusivity in fashion comes from the value of the unique and unknown.

Only by understanding this fact does it make any sense that the most comprehensive fashion magazine store in the fashion capital of the world is housed in a dilapidated smoke shop on the edge of Soho.

The Lafayette Smokeshop doesn’t exactly have the largest selection of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and the other standard things you’d expect from its name. At the counter, it has tobacco, some candy, gum, and other snacks. However, stacked on the floor is nearly every imaginable fashion magazine from around the world.

Sneaking in under the dirt-stained awning, the most stylish figures in New York come to get their inspiration. It would appear that everything in the world of fashion has to be just a little bit hidden.


Photo: Sesse Lind Text: Andrew Rozas