Traditional Midsummer Essentials for your own party! This year, Midsummer is on June 20th - here is how you can celebrate in style.

Every year, on the summer solstice - the longest day of the year - Swedes across the world celebrate Midsummer. For Swedes, who experiences winter days with as few as 3 hours of day light, the Midsummer festival is literally the highlight of the year. It’s for this reason that this holiday has become such an important part of Swedish culture and tradition.

However, since on this day, the sun shines brightest all over the northern hemisphere (our friends in the South can celebrate in 6 months), there is no reason you can’t celebrate Midsummer at home as well. . To help you plan the ultimate Midsummer party, we put together some of the essentials to help kick start your own party planning.

Wear white! Celebrate the joys of the sun with light colored clothing.

Flower crowns aren’t just for hippies. Weave together some fresh cut flowers into a crown to complete your midsummer outfit.

Building a maypole isn’t the easiest thing to do, but to celebrate midsummer in full Swedish style, its a must.

If a homemade maypole isn’t an option, use ribbons to decorate an existing pole... and while you’re at it, add ribbons to everything from table settings to flower crowns.

Midsummer dinner is always a spirited event with songs and snaps! Sing along to the unofficial anthem of Midsummer ‘Helan Går’ and offer a toast of flavored vodka to friends and to the sun.

Speaking of friends, invite all your friends to this very special celebration, and try to sit everyone into long tables that allows people to meet the people around them.


And most importantly, make sure you appreciate the sun. The days only shorter from now until the winter solstice in December.

Text: Andrew Rozas Photo: Matte Film