Cocktails of the Absolut Invite Winners

183 bartenders from across Europe shaked, stirred, strained, muddled, smoked, infused, diffused and caramelized a variety of ingredients in the hopes of becoming the 2014 Absolut Invite champion. In the end, three bartenders stood above the rest, presenting unique cocktail ideas that will inspire you to rethink the next time you order ‘the usual’.

Winner Andreas Kunster, Germany

The "Elyx Warhol Martini"

Garnished with the "Elyx Warhol Perfume" 
Contains Patchouli extracts, Indian amber and fresh grass

“We are not doing rocket science. Just drinks.”

2nd Place Andrei Cioanca, Finland

L.O.S. Martini (L.O.S. as in Lars Olsson Smith)

  • 6 cl Absolut Elyx
  • 1 cl Home Made Dry Vermouth (White wine with various spices, fortified with Beefeater Gin and Absolut Vodka)
  • Winter wheat smoke

To prepare the drink, pour the ingredients in a chilled mixing glass, add ice and stir to perfection.

Strain the drink into a smoked cocktail glass.

To prepare the glass, slowly burn a bar-spoon of winter wheat gems and place the cocktail glass on top of it to gently coat the inside of the glass with the smoke from the winter wheat.

Garnish it with a few winter wheat gems dropped into the drink

“Soft, gentle, straight forward and sophisticated. A touch of Åhus in a glass.“

3rd Place Stefano Hjort, Denmark

Absolut Origin

  • It was 40 ml very oaky Chardonnay infused with dried juniper
  • 40 ml Absolut Elyx
  • 10 ml homemade tonic (kina bark, lemon grass, citric acid, sugar, lime, lemon and so on
  • 5 ml sugar

The drink is stirred over iced and served in a miniature wine decanter with an orange zest. The decanter is placed on a small bowl with crushed ice to keep it cold, the ice is garnished with dry juniper and kina bark.

“An allarounder but complex”