Absolut Nights: Johannesburg

Absolut Nights: Johannesburg

Down a long desolate road, the most explosive club in the world appeared for just one night.

Johannesburg is an electrifying city, where it seems like every block presents new opportunities popping up. From chic bars and restaurants, to lively day markets, to endless nights dancing, Johannesburg is a city that is easy to lose yourself in.

When Absolut brought Nights by Absolut to Johannesburg, we wanted people to do just that - get lost in the night, and to emerge with a new idea of what was possible.

To accomplish this, we ventured beyond the city limits into the wild of the bushveld, a place that is both a stark contrast to the bustling city, yet seemingly part of its unique urban identity — where seeing lions and giraffes are only a short drive away.

Driving through the night, guests could see the glimmer of our creation in the dark distance - a massive asymmetrical mirrored cube that for one night only, would light up the night. Partnering with Burning Man veteran Charlie Gadeken, who surrounded the cube with a dizzying array of pyrotechnics, as the party went on, the energy of the night triggered wild explosions that only elevated the party to new levels.

When local sensation Spoek Mathambo hit the stage with his band, as fire and sparks danced overhead, the crowd was left asking themselves, where on earth am I, and what did I do right to get here?