Coachella Live:
A New Normal
on Day Three

By the third day of Coachella, the crowd had settled into the festival as if the whole scene was a normal day. Only two days earlier, stepping onto the grounds for the first time felt like entering a whole new planet with strange fashion, where hugs and high-fives were offered freely, and music and art were a constant.

Nearly 100,000 people had transformed over the weekend, embracing a world full of creativity, and self expression. The festival had inspired them to rethink what was normal and to create something completely extraordinary. The bands on stage, the art installations, and the crowd had all become one collaboration, each piece equally important to creating the incredible atmosphere.

When Sunday’s headliners, including Calvin Harris, Disclosure, and Arcade Fire called upon the crowds to throw their hands in the air or clap to the beat, in the same way they probably do ay any gig they perform, this time, it was different. Over the weekend, the crowd had become a core part every show. It was an audience as inspiring as the performer on stage. In order to fully understand how this creative fusion had taken place, it required taking a step back, and looking at the whole scene from atop Coachella’s iconic ferris wheel.

From high above, the band, the people, and the art, became one, which is exactly what makes Coachella such a special festival.