DIY Sound system

DIY Sound system

We believe that every small idea counts in making our green footprint on the planet a little more green. Even if it is as easy as just prolonging the life of one bottle. Here is an inspirational hack anyone could make at home.

What you need:

3, 1 liter bottles
Stereo amplifier 2x5 W
2 broad band speakers 2.5” Peerless 830985 
A piece of wood

Begin with drawing out the idea and design.

Start by cutting three 1 liter bottles. To do this mount a glasrits on a vice and turn the bottle 360 degrees. Then slowly pour boiling water on the rits and after pour ice cold water. Repeat this procedure until the cut is completely through the glass. Hone the edges of the bottle. 

Solder together a small 2 x 5 watts stereo amplifier.

Construct two baffles to be able to mount the two broad band speakers and then print them in the 3D printer.

Construct a lid to the amplifier (the middle bottle).

Drill holes in the cork for the cables.

Put together all the pieces for the amplifier, both speakers and the net.

Attach the amplifier to the lid.

Glue the baffles and the lid to the glass.

Install everything to a piece of wood to make it easy to hang.

Connect a 3.5 millimeter stereo plug to your phone and enjoy you favourite music!

These hacks are only made to inspire for private use and should not be used for commercial purposes.