Absolut Remix is the creative recipe combining the best of old and new. 

It’s not just our drinks we like mixed. Once a month, we give you the chance to feast your ears on a new Absolut Remix created by up-and-comers and club legends alike. 

Woozy, synth producer, BNJMN had his creation ‘Berth’ given the Absolut Remix treatment by Eduardo De La Calle. BNJMN sees remixing culture as something that allows artists to explore new directions:

“By remixing someone else maybe you’ll make a track that you’d have never thought of yourself, by using the stems of someone who works in a completely different way.”

Mixing is at the basis of every #AbsolutNight - taking your evening on unexpected turns by combining existing materials, to produce something new and exciting. 

And on top of Absolut Remix, we just recently launched a mixing tool that you can use all by yourself… So follow suit and stir things up with your friends using our Absolut Mixr playlist mixing tool – you and your friends just set the vibe, and it lets you combine genres and Spotify playlists with ease. It’s all about bringing together everyone’s unique tastes. Be it a cocktail, house party or tune.