Into the Kaleidoscope at Art Bar Stockholm

Celebrating Sweden's creativity in style. 

To celebrate the creative magic of Stockholm Art Week we’ve collaborated with the revered Contributor Magazine to set up Into the Kaleidoscope - the latest Absolut Art Bar. This time, we’re connecting Sweden to the world, directly from the heart of its bustling and vibrant capital city. 

As one of the centerpieces of the festival, Into the Kaleidoscope highlighted the contemporary genius of Stockholm’s best creatives, featuring a range of their work while also providing seen insights into their lives both on and off camera. 

The bar itself was split into two distinct halves, the Salon and the Small Bar. Each half featured its own theme that, like a kaleidoscope, shifted and transitioned over the course of a limited three-night run. Standout acts and performers - from Swedish hip-hop artist Maxida Marak, to photographer Jasmin Storch - entertained guests with a vividly artistic show. The bar’s third and final night played host to the official closing party for the Art Week festival, featuring a decadent dinner party setting for guests to revel in.

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