Absolut Deadmau5 Gets Virtual


Fresh from packing out stadiums and filling our ears with audio goodness, deadmau5 has somehow found time to team up with us to create a virtual reality video game. Called Absolut deadmau5, it’s an immersive journey for gamers and music fans alike with one amazing aim to help you experience an #AbsolutNight like no other. 


Ready to play? The Absolut deadmau5 app launches for iOS and Android on July 27. So make sure to order your VR headset at knoxlabs.com by July 8 to guarantee it arrives in time for the launch. Then prepare to fully immerse yourself in an epic virtual reality #AbsolutNight. 

In the game, you take on the role of the electronic music superstar as he attempts to go on an epic night out. Beginning in his garage, your aim is to navigate him through a series of gameplay challenges which combine live-action, motion capture and the latest videogame technology. And, if you can make it past all of the obstacles en route to the club, the game ends with an epic 360° deadmau5 concert complete with an exclusive new track – Saved.  

Deadmau5 has long been known as a tech savvy gamer himself, so he jumped at the chance to create an immersive experience for his fans and share his music in a whole new way. Watch the behind-the-scenes clip below and see if you can spot his insta-famous cat Meowingtons getting involved too: