Fresh Today: Flavoured Absolut Bottles Get an Artistic Makeover

We ditched our computers, grabbed our paintbrushes and made some dramatic changes to our appearance...

Here at Absolut, we love to challenge conventions and get creative – rules are made to be broken, after all.  

So, staying true to our rebellious (and artistic) nature, we decided to shake things up by giving our flavoured vodka bottles a fresh new look. Prepare yourself, darlings; we’ve added a shot of creativity to the mix with some bold new artwork – and it’s bound to cause a stir. 

Given our deep, long-standing roots in the art world (the Absolut bottle first appeared in an art ad in 1985), it only seemed appropriate for us to team up with a talented – and innovative – designer. 

“We brought a ‘by-hand’ aesthetic to the project,” says Mattias Lindstedt, lead designer from design agency, The Brand Union. “And by that I mean we stepped away from our computers, grabbed paper, pens and brushes, and set out to communicate not a flavour per se, but the core essence behind each flavour. And to do so in a quintessential Absolut way, under one harmonising idea.”

Side stepping the obvious by adorning the bottle in images of fruit, we’ve used vibrant designs to explore the symbolism and myths tied to each bottle’s ingredients. Soft pastels and a light, hand-drawn gesture capture the evanescent, sweet fragility of Absolut Peach, for example, whereas the passion of Absolut Raspberri is intensified through the abstract expressionist technique of throwing paint.  

And the same artistic process was repeated across our whole range, so you’ll be spoilt for choice – not just visually, but with flavour, too!