On The Streets Of Austin

Austin packs a punch when it comes to music, film, food and tech. We explore the city’s best cultural offerings as SXSW rolls into town.  

SXSW spreads over 50 of Austin’s best dive bars and saloons peppered across the city, but there’s also a smorgasbord of places to see and food trucks to try (over 2,000 of them). Here are a few good places to start… 


You won’t be short of food options at SXSW (trust us), but these gems are our first stop. 

FREDDIE’S PLACE (1703 South 1st Street)

Freddie’s Place is a brunch favourite in Austin, thanks to its crazy tasty food and Build Your Own Bloody Mary Station with over 50 items. There’s live music and complimentary blueberry muffins, too. Time to get fat and sassy…

FRANKLIN BBQ (900 E 11th St)

Austin and barbecues go hand in hand. The hype around this lunch-only spot is its droolworthy smoked meats (the melt-in-your-mouth brisket with espresso BBQ sauce is The One). It’s  Austin’s worst-kept secret, though, so get there early or prepare to wait in line for quite some time.


With over 2,000 food trucks to choose from, you’ll need to separate the good from the best. Not only is Chi’lantro home of the original Kimchi Fries; the Korean barbecue and Mexican fusion taco truck is a perfect pit stop at any time of day, especially when en route to the bars. 


Hey Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping? 


UNCOMMON OBJECTS (1512 South Congress Ave.)

If you want to dive deep into the city’s “Keep Austin Weird” vibe, Uncommon Objects is a suitably wacky starting point. Located on the popular South Congress Street (packed with restaurants and boutique shops), this thrift shop is brimming with taxidermy chickens, antique family portraits of random folk, and much more.


Be sure to pack your swimsuit, and bring your artistic eye, too

HAMILTON POOL PRESERVE (24300 Hamilton Pool Rd)

We’re right behind Mr PORTER’s advice on keeping cool during SXSW, and where better to do it than at Texas’ best swimming hole? The stunning Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool created by the erosion and collapse of an underground river. It’s the perfect place for a lazy afternoon.

MEXIC-ARTE MUSEUM  (419 Congress Ave)

There’s no shortage of museums in Austin, so if you don’t know where to begin, we suggest the Mexic-Arte Museum. Filled with traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latino and Latin American art, stepping inside this cultural space is like entering a new, colourful dimension.  


The heart and soul of SXSW, the music is really what it’s all about.


Maybe your already fans. Maybe you’ve seen the film ‘Big Easy Express’. Maybe you’ve never heard of them. Either way, this indie folk band is the one everyone will be talking about at SXSW. Alex Ebert’s stage presence is second to none – the intensity between the band and the crowd will be palpable.


If SXSW wasn’t happening outside your window, you’d be here all day.
V2: Where to unpack your bag, hang your clothes and rest your head.

HOTEL SAINT CECILIA (112 Academy Drive)

Haven’t sorted a roof over your head yet? Our top choice for accommodation is Hotel Saint Cecilia, the secluded boutique hotel in the SoCo district. All its suites boast colour-popping, theatrical décor, but a round of applause if you manage to snatch up a poolside bungalow.  


The party doesn’t stop there – it’s time to grab a drink, and your dancing shoes.


This East Side drinking hole is a popular spot, and a solid way to begin the night. A modest bar with a shaded outdoor patio area, Yellow Jacket Social Club is known for having an awesome vibe, cheap happy hour, and great pickled jicama. Hipster it may be, but go with it – you’ll have a good time.

THE WHITE HORSE (500 Comal St)

If you haven’t lapped up enough live music at SXSW, fear not, for the party continues at one of Austin’s most bustling live music bars, The White Horse. For country lovers everywhere, the East Side honky-tonk features the hottest new country talents nearly every night. Be sure to grab some tacos from the truck outside. 

SXSW Music runs from the 17th-22nd March 2015.