#NextFrame Takes
Over the World

No one knows where ideas come from. This idea was the starting point for Rafael Grampá when creating the story of ‘Dark Noir’, the acclaimed graphic novelist’s first 3D animated short film. Starting with imagining a ‘world of ideas’, where unseen powers control one’s creativity, Grampá filled this world with a mysterious cast, who are looking for ideas.

The film’s story touches at the heart of Absolut’s Transform Today campaign that Grampá has been featured in since launch. The goal of the campaign is to inspire people to realize the power of their own creativity, and encourage them to bring it to life. The brand believes that ideas are within us all; we just need to pull them out and create something.

Rather than just create an ad campaign with inspirational messages, Absolut wanted to put these ideas to practice, so they created #NextFrame, an online collaboration with Grampá that sourced ideas all around the world to help co- create the story within his ‘world of ideas’. The ‘Dark Noir’ short film is the product of this collaboration.

The way it worked is that Grampá shared different segments from his storyboards, and allowed Facebook users to finish the final frame with their own idea. Grampá would choose his favorite suggestion and then then worked around the clock to add the idea into the film before the next point in the story for when fans would add input.

The result was a truly international collaboration with thousands of suggestions from over twenty countries. The final film was then premiered in Berlin to an audience of international media. Be sure to check out the short-film, but to fully appreciate it, watch the making-of film as well.