Throw The Best 'Oscars At Home' Party

Not attending the Oscars? No need, this new app delivers Absolut cocktail bartenders to your front room. On-demand. Yep. 

We’ve seen your current Oscars night party plans. Yes, your friends will appreciate those three different types of hummus dips and the bottles of store bought booze, but it’s 2015 my friend, the bar should be delivered to you. So here’s where it gets better… 

Absolut has teamed up with the quite frankly genius and inspirational alcohol delivery app, Saucey to deliver trained mixologists and their on-demand bartending skills to your door. Well, if you live in the LA or San Francisco areas anyway. 

Since this delivering liquor store launched in May 2014, Angelinos and San Francisco dwellers have been summoning alcohol and cocktails from their iPhones and Androids to their sofas. And in true Hollywood spirit it’s now time to step it up a notch and impress your friends with the best Oscars party off the red carpet.

How does it work? The app is introducing two new Absolut inspired cocktail packages each week. You pick your favourite package, add the bartender option and within 20 – 40 minutes you’ll receive a cocktail kit along with a top mixologist who’ll teach you how to make that Absolut signature drink with the fresh ingredients they’ve brought along.  A half an hour crash course in mixology, if you like. 

The cocktail packages vary from $40 to $100 depending on the option; all paid for using the app, including driver’s tips, and will serve a party of 8 to 10. 

To garnish this great opportunity, Saucey also donates a percentage of all sales to Charity Water, so you’re actually saving lives as you drink.

And the winning ‘Oscars at home’ party goes to…