You don't need the gear to have the idea.

Did you know that your kitchen is a haven for cocktail making equipment? So, if you like the idea of being able to shake up your own Cosmopolitan or stir a deliciously dry Vodka Martini in your own home, but don’t have think you have any of the right equipment, prepare to be surprised.

Let’s start with the shaker
There are two types of professional cocktail shakers, the three piece Cobbler and the two piece Boston. BUT, there are so many things you already have in your kitchen cupboards you can use and will give just as good a result. Sports bottle for instance are perfect for shaking your ingredients together..

Onto the mixing glass.
Made of tempered glass, these tend to be expensive and highly specialised, and you really don’t need them to make a great cocktail at home. If you’re a fan of coffee you’re likely to have a French press, and these make a fantastic improvised mixing glass. You can even leave the plunger in and create some infusions if you’re feeling adventurous.

Next up we have the muddler.
If you want to knock up some Mojito’s or Caipirinha’s then you’ll need to do some muddling, which basically means smashing together your ingredients together in the bottom of your glass. An everyday wooden spoon is perfect for this. If you happen to have an unvarnished one, all the better.

Now, the cocktail strainer.
There are a few options for you here, but if you want to look like a professional, then we reckon you should take the advice of the video below.

Lastly, glasses.
You’re more than likely to have a glass or two knocking around your house, but if you want to serve your cocktail in something a little different, a jam jar is a great alternative. 

So there you have it - no need for any professional, expensive bar equipment, just raid your kitchen cupboards and you’ll find everything you need. 

Now, it would seem to be about the right time to get mixing! How about putting your new equipment to the test and knocking up a Caipiroska?


1 part Absolut Citron
4 lime wedges
2 teaspoons of superfine sugar

How to mix: Muddle lime and superfine sugar in a chilled glass. Add Absolut Citron, stir and fill with crushed ice.