Drinkspiration at your fingertips

For over 500 drink recipes, there's our Drinkspiration app. Because sometimes it's necessary to have a world-class bartender in your pocket. 

Maybe you're not sure what cocktails to decide on for your party, or you're simply looking for some drink inspiration. Enter: Drinkspiration

In the same way that a great bartender can read you like a book, the Drinkspiration app learns your taste over time and can guide you into new territory as time goes by. 

With over 500 drinks based on vodka, gin, whisky, rum and tequila, you'll also be able to scroll to your heart's content through a plethora of pre-party cocktails and the classiest of classics. 

If it's a last-minute situation, tick the ingredients you have on hand at home and learn what you can make using what you've got. 

See what's trending around the world. 

App available on iPhone