A Rainbow Colored Hong Kong

Absolut Art Bars came to life at Art Central and ZUMA Hong Kong with Art Bar: Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Ashram of Spirituality. Guru Jimmy – spiritual guide to artist James Ostrer’ (of sugary exhibition, Wotsit All About) – was given carte blanche to create two of his own Art Bars in Hong Kong.  

The end result? A technicolor dream-state complete with beanbag chairs, rugs and a plethora of other spiritual inspired delights. An ideal place for getting some zen, or working on your yoga moves between sips of cocktails. 

Additionally, Guru Jimmy collaborated with some of Hong Kong’s top mixologists to bring seven (seriously) bright cocktails to life – each a glorious color of the rainbow. 

For those of us who didn’t make it to Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Ashram of Spirituality, here’s how make a Happy Inner Selfie: 

RED: Guru Jimmy’s Happy Inner Selfie
Pomegranate, cinnamon, and yuzu

ORANGE: Guru Jimmy’s Happy Ending

YELLOW: Guru Jimmy’s Inevitable Joy
Pineapple, passion fruit, spice syrup, black pepper, mint

GREEN: Guru Jimmy’s Liquid Asset
Kiwi, pandan leaf

BLUE: Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Clarity 
Blended orange & peel liquer, lime, homemade citrus cordial

INDIGO: Guru Jimmy’s Absolut Spirituality
Infused flower, blueberry, cardamom

VIOLET: Guru Jimmy’s All About Me
Violet blossom liqueur, lemon, ginger beer